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1. Energizer reveal their BFG battery/phone

The energizer power max p18k pop from the side.

Just look at it! Packing an 18,000mAh battery, at least it will have staying power. Catch up at our coverage of the Energizer Power Max P18K Pop here (Android Authority).

  • More from MWC: Nubia revealed its phone-smartwatch hybrid with a flexible screen. It’s coming in April starting at around $500 (Android Authority). (More on it once we get hands-on!)

2. “I used the Huawei Mate X and now I’m a foldable phone believer.” (CNET) The actual hands-on is encouraging for the foldables space, even at the price.

3. That Samsung Galaxy Fold video I linked to yesterday was taken down by Samsung for some reason. If you missed it, we reupped it here (AA).

4. The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus recorded the new fastest ever Speed Test G result (YouTube).

5. The Google Pixel 3 Lite and Pixel 3 XL Lite are probably coming soon, following the trail of new FCC findings (Android Authority).

6. A big story on The Verge follows lowly paid Facebook moderators in Phoenix, Arizona. The human cost of moderating the nasty stuff posted to Facebook is serious: workers appear to suffer mental deterioration, use sex and drugs to cope, and even believe the conspiracy theories they were tasked with reviewing (The Verge). It’s a 20-minute read.

7. Microsoft takes a big step towards putting Xbox games on Windows 10 (Ars Technica).

8. The SEC has asked a judge to hold Elon Musk in contempt of previous ‘funding secured’ tweet settlement, after another bad tweet (Gizmodo). This might be huge.

9. Navy files for a patent on room-temperature superconductor (phys.org). If true, this would change everything, but no data was included in the patent so it’s ok not to be sure.

10. New data from the Hubble Space Telescope suggests the universe is expanding faster than currently thought (NASA). “Intriguingly, the results are forcing astronomers to consider that they may be seeing evidence of something unexpected at work in the universe.”

11. “Humans Who Are Not Concentrating Are Not General Intelligences”: An thoughtful read by Sarah Constantin, pinpointing why the new OpenAI language model might actually be good enough to pass off as real, if you’re not paying strict and careful attention. And who pays attention anymore?

12. An inside look at how the bee-killing Varroa Mite’s true diet was discovered (Entomology Today). Great science, great story, vivid images.

13. Air pollution shines from this alarming map (The Verge), via NO₂ data from the Sentinel 5P satellite.

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